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About Us

It started with laying of all Types of underground Telephone cables such as PIJF, Coaxial Cable, Optical Fibre Cable and Construction of Cable Duct works for the Dep't., of Telecom, govt. of India.

We are manufacturing & supplying conical manholes to all leading operators in India. Today the company finds itself capable of handling any kind of work of any magnitude in the field of Telephone Cable Laying and Telephone Cable Duct Construction works. It later diversified in the field of Trench less Technology using “NO DIG” method for installation of all kind of utilities on highly congested and urbanized area. The company is having all the infrastructure & well qualified staff under its command for execution of all types of Telephone cables specially Optical Fibre Cable.

We have got a vast Paraphernalia comprising of a team of well qualified/ experienced Engineers, Technicians and skilled workers besides the required tools/Equipments viz. JCBs, Cranes, Tractor, Compressors, H.D.D. Equipment, water Tankers, Winch Machines, Rammers, Jacks, rollers etc for execution of the work smoothly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive services that apply to the technical aspects of directional drilling, as well as the interests of operational safety and environmental concerns.

Financially also we are well up and can undertake project of any magnitude. Bank solvency certificate & our latest ITCC establish our financial credentials. We possess a high level of expertise, gained through a 4 years of horizontal directional drilling experience for major clients all over the India.

Area of Expertise

  • Installation of High pressure Gas & water lines
  • Installation of Sewer lines in Grade
  • Impact Moiling.
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Pipe Ramming
  • Trenching and trenchless laying of Underground cables .
  • Live Cable Location
  • Duct Integration Testing.
  • Fusion of Fibbers.

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